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A brief introduction of Xingzhou Primary School

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Xingzhou Primary School, subordinated directly to the SIP Administrative Committee, is a public primary school. Situated in the central district of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), the school is conveniently situated and easy to access, with Xingtang Street to its east, Jinliang Street to the west, Zhongyuan Road to its south and subway line 1 to the north. The school covers an area of 43,000 square meters with a total building area of 39,000 square meters. The school, planning to recruit 72 classes in total, 12 for each grade,  plans to be operational in Sep, 2014.

With the motto of “guarantee the children a lifetime of happiness”, and the core culture of concinnity, SIP Xingzhou Primary School seeks after a certain quality where both education and life can be leisurely and concinnous, creating a school filled with vigor and contentment. Students oriented and competency centered, the school also fully  intends to set up an autonomous and efficient atmosphere for academic study. It is believed that with enough life education, along with the  understanding of traditional culture, including classic Chinese literature, kungfu, and traditional arts, the students  will gradually grow to be part of a most successful generation that will not only be superior in intelligence and operational ability, but also determined, well-cultivated, independent and always prepared to be the very NO.1 in their society.

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